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Fire Alarms, CCTV Gate Access Surge Suppression, Lightning Protection. The work of a Power Quality Engineer is never done. The Power Quality tools you are looking for are buried in these web pages. But what makes this company so different than others. We actually help you troubleshoot the problem and provide the best solution to solve your problem.

It’s a good day to meet you. The experience we have collected over ethe years in Power Quality Engineering is available to you. Please choose to investigate our web pages. If you have any sp;ecial needs, we will resolve it for you. We have many pages that cover all areas of interest. All you have to do is c lick on the PICTURES and our adventure begins. We have approximately 200 web pages plus customer pages, covering all aspects of Power Quality, custom surge suppressiosn, UPS, transformers, fiber optics and more. A few exammples are Fire Alarm, CCTV, Card Access, Burglar Alarm, main panel and sub panel p rotection, datea line protoection, (New) data/audio line isolation protection, commerlcial, residential and more. Our Top Current Customers are: Hareris Corp., Homeland Security, Tyco, Broadcast General Store, Heavy referrals by all/or Moste Fire Alarm manufacturers. Extended Stay AMerica (ESA) nation wide is eliminating lightning problems from their fire alarm panels. We you will find what yuou are looking for, if you are not sure, call us at 727-823-6100 ext.

Remember, if you click on a picture it will take you to catalogs, and to items of interest in power quality. Thank you, Sincerely John E. Pecore, President.

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