Stormin Protection Highest Performance-rated panel mount surge suppression for the most sensitive electronic equipment down line from it. 200 and 300 KA surge current ratings with the tightest 330 Volt let through UL rating on the market.

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Developing a successful Power quality System we should first start out with the basics.

  1. The Most KA rating for the buck.
  2. The best possible warranty
  3. The best performance under test.
  4. UL 330 rating… if you can find it and we have!
  1. What you don’t need to spend extra for:
  2. Dry contacts…no one uses them.
  3. Surge Counters, no one reads them
  4. Modular plugs, no one looks at them or know where to get replacements. Worst yet, the manufacture may have been sold.
  5. A company that only specializes on panel mount protection but not any other protection devices. That tells me that if anything goes wrong, there is no value added service or trouble shooting. Complication may not be the protector, rather the back door or your system.
  6. A brand name that is over $2000.00 and a low KA surge current capacity.


This leaves us with two possible products and Lectra Shield (formally E/Clips) products does top the list and you get more bang for the buck + excellent reputation.

This product now is UL 1449 4th Edition approved

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