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ETL/UL 1449 4th Edition
New and improved product
Replaces E/Clips 120HWCP20CB
FA 30 VB (Class B) (24Volt to 28 Volt) zones and intelligent loops, Dry contacts, & between buildings                                      All low voltage is UL Listed 497
FA 30VB (-) High speed data lines with multiple connections between buildings on the RS485 (only)
FA 30 VA (Class A) (24 to 28 Volt) zones (two FA 30VB devices)
FA 60 VB (Class B) (above 34.4V) zones and intelligent loops & between buildings
FA 60VA (Class A) (above 34.4 V) zones (two FA 60VB devices)
FA 90VB (Audio and noise filter for audio lines)

Fire Alarm Specifications (120HWCP20CB_and_FA_30VB) |
PE Specification (Page36lvfirepe)
FA 30 BH (24V to 28 Volts @ or over 2 amps of current) Horns Strobes, & power for loop circuits.                                           All Low Voltage is UL listed 497
FA 60NC (above 34.4V @ or over 2 amps of current) Horns Storbes, & power for loop circuitsRare cases: FA 30BH L/C
FA 90VB for audio.
NOTE: All these protectors also are noise filters and can be used on the SLC loop if necessary.

Fire Alarm Specifications (120HWCP20CB_and_FA_30VB) | PE Specification (Page36lvfirepe)
You need two for you RJ31X, one for primary phone line and one for backup line.NOTE:  protectors also are noise filters and can be used on noisy or radio infected lines.

Fire Alarm Specifications (120HWCP20CB_and_FA_30VB) |
PE Specification (Page36lvfirepe)
Spike Block-1

rUL listed and is for the power ground or case ground. The only rUL listed device in the world that will eliminate ground loop problems caused by lightning that causes ground faults or false alarms.

This is actually a notch filter and will not allow anything below 50 Hertz (pumps, motors, HVAC noise and impulses to feed back loop into the panel. It will not allow anything above 2.2 GHz or the lightning spectrum to enter the panel from the ground side, of either the case ground or AC power ground. Think of it as a check valve, and only allows grounding one way. Excellent for use in the Lightning Capital of North America or anywhere else with a high epidemic of lightning problems. Also important to consider using this device…sometimes the noise signal is so loud that the low voltage FA30BH or the FA60NC can not cancel it out, using this device on the life safety ground from the AC power ground usually fixes the problem.

Specifications (click here) | PE Specifications (Page37Hvfirepe)

If you are currently using surge suppression on a fire alarm panel, an it is not working, then we have an opportunity to prove that in-line series circuit design protection with three stages is the only way to go. We will never recommend parallel surge suppression for any security devices. It would be impossible for this product to not work. It will cost a lot more then what you are use to, but your chances of success or achieving 100% protection is more likely to do so with this technology. We do not have to advertise this product, tech support by most of the Fire alarm manufactures will recommend Stormin Protection Products.

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