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Fire Alarm Surge Suppression Recommended by all 23 Manufactures

Power Quality Engineering for Fire Alarm Panels. Fire Control Instruments, Gamewell, Hochiki and 21 manufactures of fire alarm panels recommend Stormin Protection Products E/Clips Surge Suppression and the new Spike Block that eliminates ground strikes and false alarms.

See on Line Lightning Demo: click here.

120HWCP20CBPLC *New Product*

Back up Generator issues.

This problem has grown considerably in the last ten years. When the manufactures stopped using linear power supplies this problem has escalated big time. The only cure was to use a True-Online UPS. The cost was so prohibitive. This invention was designed primarily for this and also it deals with other heavy loads that effect the 20 amp circuit.


New Product

Combo unit: Power Guard & 120HWCP20CB in one unit.

(Complies with UL requirements)

Identify the problem

Places known for this problem: Nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities, 911 centers, or any establishment that has a back up generator. The above listed places are the most well known of all places with these issues. In this country I have sold the most: Texas, specifically Houston and coastal areas, Florida, Oil Rigs in the Gulf Coast (heavy load issues), Louisiana, North and South Carolina. Unlike the items below, this unit is not UL listed, but complies with UL. This smart surge suppression design is identical to the 120HWCP20CB, but it has a brain and electromechanical switch. It watches the power if the voltage drop and the current rises, it switches off the power as soon as the power becomes normal, (3 minutes), it allow the power to go through. The fire alarm system never sees the power quality power. Originally built as a request by Secutron USA, but in time most of them were installed on Gamewell equipment. There were many installs on other name brands, but these two name brands have used this device very successfully. On Oil Rigs all name brands because heavy loads is primarily the issues.

For Notifier, Firelite, Faraday, HOCHIKI and FCI Panels

LS-E120HWCP20CB (AC Power Protection)
Spike Block-1 (Ground Filter )
FA 30VB (zones, dry contacts and Intelligent loops)
FA 30BH (Bells, Horns, Extenders and Strobes)
Edwards Systems Technology, Simplex, Siemens, Game well, Fire Com
LS-E120HWCP20CB (AC Power Protection)
Spike Block-1 (Ground Filter )
FA 30VB (zones, dry contacts and Intelligent loops)
FA60VB (zones, dry contacts and Intelligent loops)
FA60NC (Bells, Horns, Extenders and Strobes)
DLTTOS200V Need (2 units) for RJ31X’s

We can not stress often enough as too how important this LS-E120HWCP20CB is on a repeat lightning damaged fire alarms. If you look at the diagram, without this device, low voltage surge suppression are useless with parallel protectors “by any name brand”. This insures that you have enough impedance on the phase and neutral line to create an alternative path way for your low voltage surge suppression devices to work properly. More interesting is the fact that it also prevents reverse polarity and no other product can do this. The way it is designed helps you maintain UL 864 requirements. A rUL listed or din rail can never offer that. The clamping voltage of this in-series device is incredibly tight. 198 volts at peak voltage on average. On a wet day normal peak operating voltage is 170 volts. On a extremely dry day, 238 volts. Testing of this nature is done according to IEEE-C62.41 Cat. B3/C1 at 6000 volts @ 3000 amps for performance testing. This product is a replacement for the old outdated E/Clips 120HWCP20CB Surge Suppression that is no longer supported.

Professional Engineering Specification documentation: Page37Hvfirepe

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