True Story from my fire alarm friends in Barranquilla Colombia South America

True Story
True Story

Just to be sure, that I don’t piss anyone off. I have made sure everyone including the manufacture……..not be mentioned by name while I am blowing my horn.

Back in the Spring of 2003, a company in the Colombia South America pleaded with the manufacture of fire alarms, to do something, anything to stop lightning from taking out their fire alarms. No sooner do they get them installed, they are blown out. Now, let us set the stage a bit……The Lightning Capital of North America is Florida. There is no mistake about that. According to the National Weather Service weather forecast office in Pueblo, Colorado, the lightning capital of the world is the tropical region of central Africa. However NASA, has a different view.

Earth’s New Lightning Capital Revealed | NASA
https://…/earths-new- lightning- capital-revealed.html
Earth has a new lightning capital, according to a recent study using observations from the Lightning Imaging Sensor onboard NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission. Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela earned the top spot receiving an average rate of about 233 flashes per square kilometer per year, according to the study.
So the point being, they get a lot of lightning and it makes Florida, 2nd or 3rd fiddle. The story goes: The manufacture of fire alarms wanted samples of name brand surge suppression from all over the USA, to be tested on their fire alarms. They needed UL listed ones for fire alarms….and a system approach on how to do it properly. I was contacted by them because of my reputation in the fire alarm industry. This is actually before I was well known on Linked-in or Linked-in was a thing. One thing I cannot do without embarrassing any manufactures is tell you the details. What I can tell you, and I have it in writing, the end result is that my system approach was the only company that did provide the ultimate solution and exceeded all expectations of “actually exceeding” 10,000 volt testing at any operating voltage level with no false alarms. It is one thing, that the surge suppression actually worked, it is another thing to prevent the false alarms as well. Anything at 6500Volts is tuff enough for triggering false alarms, but at 10,000 volts that is the realm of impossibilities based on the composite makeup of any surge suppression component. So yes, it can be done, with the right set of tools, and the proper application based on the recommended installation procedure. This manufacture of fire alarms sent a memo out to all its dealers in North and also in South America. I can honestly say, very few North American dealers did respond to the e-mail, but in South America…..this very company….. they bought 27 times since 2003, and the range in product purchased was on average between $8000.00 to no less than $3200.00 a P.O. If every dealer of this manufacture in North America and South America would have followed suite, I might have made it through the past seven years of economic depression unscathed.

However, I am thankful for my customers continued support, even in the worst of times, and even by the fact that I have lost 1/2 of them when they went out of business, died, or went bankrupt. The economy was truly unkind to us all during those terrible years. I am grateful now, yes I am, and the turnaround in our economy is for the best for the past year and a half. I did mention death…yes I did. Many of my true followers dated back to 1989, are no spring chickens anymore, and neither am I. This past 30 years troubleshooting fire alarms dealing with lightning issues, grounding issues, and backup generator issues have instilled in me some valuable experience that I could pass on to any expert in the fire alarm business. Did I forget my brothers in the CCTV business, or the gate access business? Their level of difficult is even more intense than fire alarms. Hunter and Rainbird Sprinkler Systems tops it all when it comes to troubleshooting. In nine months, I will be 60 years old, and I so enjoy doing this, and I hope to continue doing this until I am 70 or older, trouble shooting all kinds of lightning and power quality issues in the life safety industry is what I live for.

If you have any questions at all…big or small and it relates to this article, I would love to hear from you. 727-823-6100 x 1….. Stormin Protection Web site, and fire alarm protection web site.

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