Not going to happen to me!

True Story
True Story

It is human nature to be in self denial. It is happening everyday, even by the most brilliant individuals, as well as the biggest idiots. It is human nature to be in self denial….”not going to happen to me”.

Example 1.
The news has been instrumental in breaking down some of these barriers with the threat of doom and gloom especially in the case of school shootings. We have seen all too often that in the commercial settings as well as government facilities we call soft spots that have the same issues. A lot has to do with money allocations, but the truth of it, when it happens, the piggy bank is robbed and someone gets hurt. Case in point, I watch TV today over lunch on BAY NEWS 9, many schools are in denial, and don’t have police presents in the schools, even when we the voters voted it in by the State of Florida and the money is there, we still ignore providing a basic protection to save your child’s life. Who is the victim here when the Law is specific, and the school board ignores the importance of child safety? We are in denial and gun control don’t kill people, people kill people. I would rather be packing then be filled with lead.
Example 2.
I am working with a Vet right now, that is in self-denial, when clearly the VA states that he is 100% disabled mentally, but he wants to work. It took me three weeks to get his DT-214, social security, and VA appointments plus an advocate, and he is still insisting on going to work, when the VA clearly states he is completely disabled. Like anything in the Military, it is hurry up and wait in line until it is your turn. Honestly I understand his self-esteem is an all time low, but it doesn’t help when his own father clearly has no idea what he is going through and insist that he works. Obviously we have to establish he is 100% disabled so he can receive his disability and VA benefits and start on his road on to recovery. We are talking denial in all areas of define (ment).
So the real question:
I ask you, why are you denying funds and not allocating funds for equipment safety and acquiring the proper equipment? They have provided funds for child safety. As long as there are high tech equipment being used in business, schools and municipalities, it is human nature to be in self-denial, that lightning will take out their fire alarm, CCTV, Gate Access, Card Access, computers and all sorts of electronics. So when lightning strikes, what do they do they blame everyone but themselves as to why they don’t have surge suppression on them.

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