Stormin Protection Tennesee Blow out

March 4, 2020

I got a call from a Tennessee company today, which told me they have already installed a lesser expensive surge suppressors system instead of mine I recommendations several months ago.   They just had some serious lightning and thunderstorms mixed in with assorted tornadoes only to be left with an entire fire alarm system blown out and none of the surge suppression was damaged. That happens when you have eighteen buildings with a product that does not protect.  Each building has their own ground, and none of those building are tied back to a single point ground as recommended in Art. 250, and specifically Art. 250.94 for low voltage.

The first thing he asked me was….how much was the Spike block?

I had to slow him down a bit to find out what in the world is going on.  “What kind of plan do you have” I asked him, he told me” we already talked about it, but the customer went cheap, and the first thunderstorm that came around blew out the fire alarms but the surge suppression was OK”.    The tech went on to say, “Maybe we can put the spike blocks in and stop the bi-directional grounds”.  “It’s a plan” I said,” but eventually they will piece meal us to death only to find out that they paid five times too much to finally discover that they should have gone with my original recommendation”.

I don’t blame the customer to go cheap; he doesn’t know any better and has had no long term exposure in the surge suppression industry and the lack of experience of continues blowouts with cheaper brands.  So yes, I lost out on this project and was beaten badly by my competitor in Clearwater.  Eventually they will go with my stuff, but trial and error just makes you spend 5 times too much. It is human nature to go cheap….only to find out quality is the only way to go if we are talking surge suppression and lightning blowouts.

  1. Fact, the manufacture recommended me, or this dealer read my information on Linked in six month ago.
  2. Fact, he called me and I took some time to make recommendation for a solution to stop repeated blowouts on fire alarms. (this was six month ago)
  3. Fact, he presented my recommendation to the customer; however the dealer also made a recommendation for a cheaper brand as well.
  4. Fact, the end user went to a cheaper brand.
  5. Fact, the dealer did say to the end-user, if you choose the cheaper brand, lightning will blow out the system.
  6. Fact, Lightning did blow out the system in March of 2020
  7. Fact, the end user is still stubborn and is only willing to add something like the Spike Block since the other competitor did not have it. It was assumed that it was the missing link of protection.

My Opinion is simple, The Bitterness of Poor Quality Lasts Longer than the Sweetness of a Low Price Sincerely John Pecore President, Stormin Protection Products Inc.BSEET, MBA, Power Quality Engineer in the Life Safety IndustryE:mail: or or

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