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Optelator corrective solution


The Optelator II is a well known product in the AM/ FM broadcast industry. But!

Optelator II will work with Sine Equipment, but with a little effort on your part it will work.

90% of all modems the Optelator II will perform, but this year the popularity of the Sine Equipment develop a problem for us. It is now resolved. I had two Engineers that called, one I could not help, but the 2nd Engineer took matters in his own hands.

An Engineer Mr. Brian Hill, from Back Yard Broadcasting in Pennsylvania discovered that it was not the Optelator being the problem, rather a reprogramming is requirement for ring sensitivity for the Sine Equipment.

Example: RFC1 B unit:

Access memory address 1014

Enter value (10) then hit pound (#)

This changes the Factory Default of (0) = 1.79 volts sensitivity to 4.66 volts sensitivity.

While I was on the phone with Brian, he proved to me it worked. He dialed up the Sine Equipment and it made a connection on the first ring.

Brian’s Fear was, could that be a problem because any transit surges higher the 1.79 will get through. My answer was quit simple. That is impossible, because our link is fiber optics, and that means there is no possibility or any transits at all can even get anything above 4.66 volts.

This concludes a happy ending and a new beginning to solve the equipment interface problems. If you have any questions like this please contact me regarding the Optelator II.


John E. Pecore

Stormin Protection Products inc.